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Razor Polycarbonate 1/8th Wing Set, Un-trimmed

Razor Polycarbonate 1/8th Wing Set, Un-trimmed


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Wing development is serious business and JConcepts has responded with a technically advanced alternative for 1/8th racing. The Razor polycarbonate wing features a brand-new design mimicking the injection molded Razor as closely as possible. Incorporating a multi-height layout which allows the wing to sit in a lower stance and the center section allows the included center divider to be added as another tuning option. 

The un-trimmed polycarbonate wing formed in heavy-duty material includes center divider together on the same part. The wing is refined with taller side-dams, and taller rear gurney with trim lines and dimples finished on the part. The Razor polycarbonate wing has a hard chamfered leading edge to the side-dams giving it that legacy look known from JConcepts. Angular sections blend nicely into the high-performance shape giving a location for that initial step and transition to the wing’s gurney position. At the base of the wing rests the “fangs” that have become so popular on the 1/10th off-road carpet | turf | dirt wing.

A large individual rib which supports the wing’s upper section as it transitions to the gurney is placed in the center. The wing is extremely light weight, formed in 1mm polycarbonate, the Razor polycarbonate wing has a lot of competition elements rolled into one. Since the wing has a lowered section in the center, some 1/8th buggy vehicles may have interfering geometry which will need to be trimmed or cut to allow the wing to drop down on the wing mounts.

Key Features:

  • JConcepts 2-piece Razor polycarbonate concept
  • Radical, edgy design with lowered center section
  • Includes center divider
  • “Fangs” lead into the wings rear gurney
  • Trim lines and dimples placed for easy assembly
  • Tall rear gurney height is tunable
  • Light-weight design and materials
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