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MR33 Silicone Shock Oil 100cSt-800cSt - 75ml

MR33 Silicone Shock Oil 100cSt-800cSt - 75ml


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Introducing new MR33 high grade 100% pure silicone shock oil.

MR33 Silicone Schock Oil is a high performance damping fluid specially formulated for use in RC car racing. Suitable for both on road and off road use, it is designed to provide smooth and consistent operation of your RC car's suspension.

Key Features:

  • Vast Viscosity Range: With viscosities ranging from 100cSt to 800cSt in increments of 25, MR33 offers the perfect shock oil for every situation. Achieve the perfect balance of control and responsiveness with MR33 Silicone Shock Oil.
  • High-Quality Formulation: Crafted from premium silicone, MR33 shock oil is laboratory-tested and will not thin in hot weather or thicken in cold.
  • Extreme Consistency – MR33 shock oil contains anti-friction additives to ensure consistency and performance. Count on MR33 for dependable results during every race.


  • Content per bottle: 75 ml MR33 Shock Oil

Unlock Your RC Car's Full Potential
The suspension is a critical element of your RC car's performance, and MR33 Silicone Shock Oil is your key to unlocking its full potential. Take control of your car's handling, master corners with ease, and conquer any track conditions.

Pro tip: The viscosity of the shock oil determines how fast the piston moves through the oil during compression and rebound. The higher the viscosity number, the thicker the oil. Changing the viscosity of the shock oil can make a big difference to the handling of your RC car, so it's worth experimenting!

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