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MR33 Silicone Differential Oil 1.000cSt-2.000.000cSt - 75ml

MR33 Silicone Differential Oil 1.000cSt-2.000.000cSt - 75ml


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Introducing new MR33 high grade 100% pure silicone oil for gear diffs.

MR33 Silicone Diff Oil is a high performance differential fluid specially formulated for use in RC car racing. Suitable for both on road and off road use, it is designed to provide smooth and consistent operation of your RC car's differential. This allows for predictable power distribution to the wheels.

MR33 Silicone Diff Oil provides improved protection against wear and its low friction properties help to reduce power loss and increase efficiency, which can have a significant impact on the performance and longevity of your car's differential. It is also highly resistant to temperature changes, ensuring that it retains its set characteristics throughout the race.

With new MR33 differential oils ranging from 1,000cSt to 2,000,000cSt you can fine-tune your car's differential stiffness for optimum performance and improved handling. Whether you're racing on or off road, it will help keep your car running smoothly and efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Consistent Performance: MR33 differential Oil is known for its consistency thanks to extremely temperature resistant in both warm and cold conditions.
  • Enhanced Traction: Achieve exceptional grip and traction with the ability to fine-tune your differential to match specific surface conditions. Whether it's on road or off road racing, this differential oil helps you maintain control and maximize your speed.
  • Improved Cornering: Fine-tuning your differential using MR33 silicone oil can enhance your car's cornering performance, allowing for smoother turns and better stability.


  •  Content per bottle: 75 ml MR33 Differential Oil

Pro tip: The viscosity of the oil in your differential is responsible for how it works. The differential allows the wheels on each axle to rotate at different speeds. This comes into play especially when going through the corners, but also when accelerating out of the corners. A softer or harder diff can make a big difference depending on track conditions. Sometimes your car will go from a "good" car to a "perfect" car just by changing the oil in the differential!

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