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MR33 Magic Repair Glue with UV Light (15g)

MR33 Magic Repair Glue with UV Light (15g)


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Introducing the Magic Repair Glue from MR33 developed especially for repairing small cracks or kinks on RC car bodies. The glue can also be used to glue together parts made of plastic, carbon fibre, and other materials.

 An important feature of Magic Glue is its flexibility.
Unlike a usually very hard and brittle superglue, the Magic Glue always remains somewhat flexible.

The glue can be applied with the enclosed glue tip very clean and neatly dosed.

MR33 Magic Glue has a great consistency. It is not too thin (hardly runs) and not too thick like ShoeGoo.

Now comes the real highlight: The set includs small UV lamp!
With this lamp, the applied Magic Glue is irradiated for a few seconds (about 10 seconds, depending on the amount of glue) when keeping the light from the distance about 5cm.

The glue hardens immediately, but without losing its flexibility.

Key Features:

  • Especially suitable for Lexan bodies
  • Very good dosage due to optimal viscosity
  • UV lamp for fast hardening of the glue
  • Convenient charging of the UV lamp via USB connection (USB-C)
  • MR33 Hardcase for safe storage
  • Resealable bottle
  • Produced by ORCA
  • Contains: 15g of Magic Glue

Danger warnings:

  • The glue must always be kept out of reach of children!
  • If the eyes or mucous membranes come into contact with the glue, an immediate visit to the doctor is recommended!
  • Never look directly into the switched-on UV lamp!
  • Always close the adhesive well after each application!

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