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HOBBYWING XERUN XR8 Pro G3 Brushless Speed Controller ESC 200A, 2-4s LiPo

HOBBYWING XERUN XR8 Pro G3 Brushless Speed Controller ESC 200A, 2-4s LiPo


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The XR8 Pro G3 controller sets new standards. 15% smaller, more powerful and with an even lower temperature generation compared to its predecessor. The all-new fully sensored XR8 PRO G3 ESC meets the needs of high-end 8th scale racing applications with its strong explosive power, ultra large output power(200a), while having excellent low-speed linearity.
XR8 Pro G3 has maximum output current of as high as 200A.

Key Features:

  • Dual brake mode: the innovative closed-loop torque brake control mode is also known as the disc brake mode. It completely solves the problem of non-linear force caused by the influence of vehicle speed on traditional braking methods. It enables linear output of braking force accurately, similar to the effect of real car disc brakes. The disc brake mode supports the adjustment of the curvature of the braking force and force distribution of the front and rear sections of the brakes. At the same time, the traditional braking mode is retained to take into account the driver's control habits.
  • High Efficiency: excellent hardware design combined with innovative smart freewheeling technology enables the ESC to have higher drive efficiency and lower operating temperature. Compared with the XR8 Pro G2, the maximum temperature is reduced by approximately 15°C, and the ESC is stable and reliable. Under heavy load conditions, the temperature of XR8 Pro G3 is lower than the XR8 Pro G2.
  • Frameless fan, efficient and durable: frameless fan blade is designed with the use of specially formulated material to reduce the defective rate of the fan caused by impact from small stones, sand and other foreign objects. Intelligent fan start/stop, noise reduction and power saving The fan of the ESC does not work when the temperature is low. The fan will automatically turn on when the temperature rises to the pre-set value. The intelligent start and stop function of the fan not only reduces noise, saves power, but also ensures that the ESC works in a good temperature range.
  • Advanced Boost & Turbo Timing Technology: The XR8 Pro G3 ESC performs the best when it is paired with the recommended HOBBYWING motor. It inherits the same Turbo Timing technology used on the XR10 Pro series used in 1/10th On Road and Off Road competition. This ESC is able to support up to 48 degrees of Boost and Turbo Timing. There is a 50% increase in performance and is only recommended to pair with the new HOBBYWING 4268/4274 G3 motors.
  • Built-in reverse polarity protection circuit, reinforced protection: the ESC is reverse polarity protected. In an event when a user makes a mistake by reversing the polarity, the ESC will not be broken.
  • Real-time data recording function: easy to obtain power running status. After connecting the OTA module box, turn on real-time data recording function to access the operating status.
  • Capacitor Thermal Protection: capacitor thermal protection is designed and implemented into the ESC and will effectively prevent capacitors from exploding and causing irreversible damage to the ESC due to overload. Note: If the overheating protection of the ESC is off, and it is used on a flat road vehicle, please add a capacitor pack, otherwise the capacitor may be overheated and damaged!
  • Superior Dustproof Protection: the ESC is IP5X rated. It has a superior dustproof protection to protect the ESC in all types of environments. In addition, the ESC is equipped with a small protective cover for better fan protection.
  • Custom ultra-soft 11AWG silicone wire: the ultra-soft 11AWG silicone wire is specially chosen for this product. The wire is ultra-flexible and low in resistance, making it the perfect combination to for your electronics.


  • Type:
    Scale: 1/8th
    Waterproof: No
  • Relevant parameters:
    Cont./Peak Current: 200A/1080A
    Input Voltage: 2-4S LiPo
    BEC Output voltage: 6-7.4V
    BEC current: 6A
  • Size and weight:
    Width: 36.8mm
    Length: 54.8mm
    Height: 38.8mm
    Weight: 102.8g
  • ESC Programing via:
    SET Button on ESC – Not supported
    LED Program Box – not supported
    LCD G2 Program Box – Supported
    WiFi Module – Supported
    OTA Programmer- Supported
    Programming Port – Separate
  • Applications:
    Applications: 4268, 3660 size motors
    Vehicles: 1/8th off road and on road racing
    Motor limit 3S LiPo: KV≤ 4000 3660 size motor
    Motor limit 4S LiPo: KV≤ 3000 4628 size motor

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