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The HOBBYWING XERUN XR10 Pro G2S 160A ESC sets the standard for top-tier electronic speed controllers in the world of RC racing. Designed to meet the demands of professional racers, this ESC is packed with cutting-edge technology and features that push the boundaries of performance and reliability.
Equipped with a 32-bit M4 microprocessor and various safety features, the risk of damage to the equipment of a vehicle is minimized. In addition, the unique frameless fan design creates a high airflow to the side of the fan, keeping the controller comfortably cool at all times. The copper heat sink on the power board also enhances this effect even more. So this also declares war on overheating.
Stay cool and enjoy the ride with the new softening function, which, depending on the personal setting, makes the driving experience perfectly adaptable to the driver. When things get wilder, riders of the XR10 Pro G2S can benefit from maximized braking power, which is now a whopping 150%. With this controller, nothing can really go wrong.

Key Features:

  • Reverse Polarity Protected: the XeRun XR10 PRO G2S is reverse polarity protected. In an event when a user makes a mistake by reversing the polarity, the ESC will not be broken. Note: The standard capacitor included in the ESC will be damaged when the polarity is reversed. By selecting the optional non-polarity capacitors (Item number: HW30840004, HW30840005), it will be able to prevent any sort of damages from happening.
  • Frameless fan design: the frameless fan design is a patented technology. The rapid transmission of internal heat to the integrated housing radiator are made up of high airflow from the side of the fan and a copper thermal conduction sink on the internal power plate. These are built into high-eliability thermal systems to ensure that it is always in good thermal condition. Patent PCT/CN2021/115679.
  • Durable frameless fan: the all-new frameless fan blades uses a special material and are extremely hard and reliable. It greatly reduces the damage of the fan blades caused by the impact of small stones, sand and other foreign objects.
  • New communication protocol for quick setup of parameters, firmware upgrades: The new communication protocol is used to set parameters and significantly increase the speed of firmware upgrades, and the LCD G2 is twice as fast as the OTA Programmer speed is 3-4 times faster.
  • Precisely adjustable throttle and brake PWM frequencies: the Throttle and Brake PWM Frequency support the ability to customize the frequency of each throttle segments. For example, the variables on the frequency are fully adjustable for precise control to meet the requirements of different driver needs.
  • Optimized programmable parameters: parameters are optimized for top-level competition applications, including new AC line switching, initial start-up force adjustment, drag acceleration adjustment, etc. Note! Use appropriate settings provided by the factory or team drivers. Check operating temperature in order to maximize your electronics. The wrong settings may damage the ESC/motor!
  • Extended Range of Max. Brake Force: (Extra Brake: 101%-150%). Extra brake provides the bigger brake force than standard brakes. Even if it’s applied in the Stock/Blinky class by vehicles with a very small gear ration/FDR, it can still guarantee sufficient brake force.
  • New drag acceleration adjustment: this parameter is used to control the speed of the drag-brake response. Setting a suitable value can improve the drag braking effect of the vehicle, thus, improving drivability to suit each user. The value can be adjusted up to 20 levels. Increasing the value will result in a greater drag brake effect.
  • Super Internal BEC: Built-in switch mode BEC with a maximum output of 10A and voltage adjustable from 5V to 7.4V (step:0.1V) for usage with high voltage servos.
  • Softening Function (*Hobbywing’s Patented Technology): softening function implemented by this ESC allows users to fine-tune the bottom end and maximum the control feel of vehicles in Modified class of high speed racing.
  • Seamless connectivity with OTA module box and mobile phone: simple and convenient, parameter settings, firmware upgrading and other operations can be established using Hobbywing’s OTA Bluetooth module and your mobile phone via the Hobbywing app.
  • Real-time data log makes it easy to access operating status: after connecting the OTA module box, turn on real-time data recording function to access the operating status.


        • Type:
          Scale: 1/10th
          Waterproof: No
        •  Relevant parameters:
          Cont./Peak Current: 160A/1200A
          Input Voltage: 2S LiPo
          BEC Output voltage: 5-7.4V
          BEC current: 5A
        • Size and weight:
          Width: 30.9mm
          Length: 37.5mm
          Height: 32.5mm
          Weight: 95g
        • ESC Programing via:
          SET Button on ESC – Not supported
          LED Program Box – Not supported
          LCD Program Box – Supported
          OTA Programmer- Supported
          WiFi Module – Supported
          Programming Port - Separate
        • Applications:
          Applications: SL BL Motors / SD BL Motors
          Vehicles: 1/10th Touring  and Buggy cars; 10/10th drift cars; F1
          T-count limit: 1/10th TC  ≥ 4.5T; 1/10th Buggy ≥ 5.5T

         User Manual 

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